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Founders Platform

We partner with co-founders to fast-track new business ideas and back entrepreneurial ventures in industries where we have first-hand experience:

Education and Human Capital

Unlike most traditional venture capital funds, we are not obsessively chasing future unicorns and “fund returners”.

We have a bias for founders who are deliberately seeking patient and street smart capital.

Patient and Street Smart Capital

We come from the trenches.

We have an entrepreneurial track record in managing growth, digital transformation, international expansion, acquisitions and exits as founders, operators and financiers.

We learned from the mistakes we have made during our own entrepreneurial journeys.

When we invest, we think and act as founders.

Beyond capital, industry experience and networks, we can provide founders with the peer and operational support required to accelerate market validation, commercial traction or business reinvention.

Sustainable Growth or "Second Bounce of The Ball"

We invest in sustainable growth not growth at all cost. We are also strong believers in backing "The Second Bounce of The Ball", a phase of challenge, pivot or reinvention often experienced by scale ups when seeking a new growth engine.

Our support is offered to founders on a “as needed basis” across functions and capabilities that are critical to scale efficiently and create sustainable value, including:

  1. Customer acquisition/retention
  2. Building and managing commercial operations
  3. Recruiting senior/key hires
  4. International expansion
  5. Managing Investor relations and Board of Directors
  6. Optimizing capital raising and exit
Are you looking for experienced
co-founders with capital?
We invest between EUR 0.1M and 5M  per project
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