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From early-stage ventures to investment funds, we dynamically invest our capital, networks, and expertise to back entrepreneurs, financial sponsors, and innovative asset managers.

Think of us as a Founders Office, managing our own capital through an evergreen, agile, and “founders centric” investment approach.

Unlike most funds, our investment scope is not restricted by time, stage, or structural constraints. This freedom allows us to invest flexibly across the entire capital structure, whether as a lead investor, co-investor, or operating partner.

We have a proven entrepreneurial track record in managing growth, digital transformation, international expansion, acquisitions and successful exits as founders, operators, and financiers.

In sectors where we possess truly unique industry experience and functional expertise, we can act as "Operating + Capital Partners". In areas where we are less specialised, we prefer to invest and provide peer support as Limited Partners.

Recognizing that success and failure are often two sides of the same coin, our team is committed to supporting our "Challengers" as permanent partners through all phases of your journey. This means that we will be with you when you are doing exceptionally well, as well as when you experience the inevitable setbacks.

Angel investors at heart, we love challengers !

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We dynamically back founders in industries where we have first-hand experience:

Education and Human Capital

We value:




Profit With Purpose

What we do

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Founding Partners

Founded by two childhood friends turned entrepreneurs and investors
Regis Micheli
Regis Micheli
Founder + Operator
#Growth #Sales #HR #Product #Digital Transition #Exit
Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet
Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet
Founder + Financier
#Strategy #Investments #M&A #Capital Raising (Seed to IPO) #Bus/Corp Dev (Europe, US, Asia) #Board
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We invest between EUR 0.1M and 5M  per project

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